1,230₾-from 384$-from 23₾ -from 7$ -from 30.00 sq. m -from
146045 m²
110315 m²
სპ. ობიექ

ჯაფარიძის 24



    კრწანისი ვილა რეზიდენსი

    4,122,900 ₾from 7,060 ₾ from 584.00 sq. m from
    14360 m²
    12140 m²

    he company "Krtsanisi Villa Residence" was founded in 2010 by people who had many years of experience in the field of construction. The aim of the company

    was to offer unique types of living spaces to the Georgian market. Krtsanisi Villa Residence - This is a project that echoes the concept of a green and protected area. The 20,000-square-foot project incorporates several different types of housing: Five-storey building with convenient underground parking and pool Townhouses with greenery and spacious terraces, Exclusive design villas with their own yards. The area also features an outdoor pool, a football pitch, tennis courts, children's squares and recreation areas. Difficult to imagine, but it takes only a 5-minute walk from the city center to get to the tranquility and tranquility. The temperature difference here can be felt for a few seconds. Residents of Krtsanisi Villa Residence understand the price of comfort. They do not have to worry about maintaining the car park or the complex itself. Careful maintenance of the plants and cleanliness of the area is provided by qualified personnel, while the rest is handled by a concierge. A separate group also serves the elevator, minimizing technical problems. When we were working on the concept of Krtsanisi Villa Residence, we didn't forget our customers' priorities for a second. For them, besides lightness and tranquility, safety is also important. By keeping up with modern standards, we have created an environment where adults and little ones feel safe and secure. The complex is surrounded by glaciers, and the area is controlled by 24-hour security and cameras.